during the pandemic, baking cakes for friends was one of my biggest joys. documentation of the cakes i baked and delivered live here. documentation of many more baked goods throughout the year lives only in memory.

olivia, whole wheat lemon ginger cake; french almond filing; yogurt cream cheese lemon frosting; candied lemon peel, lemon sugar, almonds

meera, vegan sweet potato cake; cinnamon apple filling; vegan marshmallow buttercream frosting; candied pecans, brown sugar coated candied sweet potato peel, brown sugar

isabella, churro cake; brown sugar cinnamon filling; cinnamon buttercream frosting; churros, crunchy churro bits, cinnamon, brown sugar, toasted sugar clusters

charlie, milk and cookies cake; salted caramel filling; salted caramel buttercream frosting; salted caramel drip, cookie crisp cereal crumble, mini chocolate chips, chocolate chip cookie, dusting of powdered milk

jack, greek yogurt olive oil lemon pistachio cake; pistachio creme filling; olive oil yogurt pistachio frosting; crushed pistachios, lemon sugar, olive oil drizzle

anna/brianne, strawberry coconut cake; strawberry lemon compote filling; coconut cream cheese frosting; sugar coated strawberries, mint leaves, candied coconut flakes, toasted coconut flakes; syrupy strawberries; cheap cake decorating pearls (forgot to document lol)

ashanti, vegan strawberry lemon blueberry cake; vegan strawberry buttercream; candied lemons; lemon sugar; sugared lavender; syrupy strawberries

lexi, naked red velvet cake with cream cheese pomegranate frositng; pomegranate seeds; crystallized flowers