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>:), was performed at the Anderson Building on November 16, 2019. Performed 3 times in total, >:) was an interactive performance that combined theater, dance, humor, academic theory, DJing, club and mood lighting, and audience participation to create a communally built queer fantasy world. Site-specific to the Anderson, the audience was immersed inside of the performance, becoming an integral part of the piece. Immediately following the performance was a dance party held for the community with the performers and collaborators involved. Performers were Taylor Bonadies, Lucia Biondi, Sydney Wiggins, and Ttendo Williams (understudy Elise Cumberbatch). DJ/sound artist ARCHANGEL. Lighting design by Carolyn Cox. Special thanks to Scott Putman, Gretta Daughtrey, the entire Anderson staff, and the crew members.

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